January’s Events at A New You Self Care

We have a lot going in January at A New You Self Care. Remember that all events are on Zoom and all events are Central Time. Unless noted please register for the following classes by texting at 859-437-0082 or email me at anewyouselfcare@gmail.com or message me on Facebook. https://linktr.ee/Anewyouselfcare Remember that Unlimited Yoga and MeditationContinue reading “January’s Events at A New You Self Care”

Angel Reiki: Course Manual

https://www.amazon.com/Angel-Reiki-Course-Manual-Spiritual/dp/1099513839 The Angel Reiki Course Manual is the text used in my in person and correspondence classes. It provides students with very succinct lessons on how to work with Angels during a Reiki session. Some of the lessons include who the Archangels are and what each represents. This manual also includes lessons on incorporating chakras,Continue reading “Angel Reiki: Course Manual”