This Weeks Events

Join us tonight at 7pm Central Time for our Free Monthly Reiki Share. This is a great time to learn more about Reiki, receive Reiki for yourself, or request Reiki for others. Message me for the Zoom link. Also here is a link to all upcoming events. Just click on it and then the tabContinue reading “This Weeks Events”

Benefits of Reiki and Getting Reiki Certified

Reiki is the Japanese relaxation energy modality that allows the body to relax and heal itself. It is easily learned by anyone as it is the universal energy. I teach the 3 Levels of Reiki online along with Zoom classes. The first level is for learning how to balance your chakras and self heal.The secondContinue reading “Benefits of Reiki and Getting Reiki Certified”

Angel Reiki: Course Manual The Angel Reiki Course Manual is the text used in my in person and correspondence classes. It provides students with very succinct lessons on how to work with Angels during a Reiki session. Some of the lessons include who the Archangels are and what each represents. This manual also includes lessons on incorporating chakras,Continue reading “Angel Reiki: Course Manual”