Crystal, Chakra, Protection Bags for Sale

This is my new Virtual Store. Take a look around and message me if you have questions.

I have multiple Gift Bag/Spell Bags that are spiritually made with Reiki and many are anointed with blessed oils, smudged for protection, and includes various energetic pieces.
Most pieces are a variety so the exact piece my not be available. Please read the description closely
Please feel free to call and discuss items. 859-437-0082. Quantities are limited. No refunds. Cards and items inside vary on topic, size, etc.

Payments can be made via or Venmo @bertena
Credit card payments may be taken over the phone. Call 859-437-0082. Shipping for all is $5 total.
If you live in the Bowling Green, KY area, we can arrange to meet and I will bring the product to you.

Good Job! Thank you! Good Energy Bag – 1 for $3 or 15 for $30
Bag includes a positive affirmatio card such as Thanks for Being You and other sayings with a matching candle, 1 ounce clear crystal quartz, and a 1 inch bottle of Himalayan Salt.
These are perfect gifts for work, family, and friends.
Infused with Reiki to continue the positive energy.
Bag colors are varied as is the card. Call for specifics.
22 total in stock. Once gone there are no more.

Teal Leaf Bags $2 a bag or 12 for $20 or 27 for $50
Tea Leaf Reading Starter Bags. These bags have a Tea Leaf Oracle Card and a Bag of tea (type varies) in a nice colorful mesh gift bag. All is infused with reiki to bring out the highest message for your self.

Archangel Card with Candle and Clear Quartz Anointed with Michael Oil – 1 for $3 or 4 for $10
Keep an angel with you at all times. Receive an Archangel card with a clear crystal quartz that connects to the angel’s energy. Also included is an beautiful 3 inch candle that is anointed with Archangel Michael’s oil. All in a beautiful mesh bag.

Black and White Candle Protection Bags – 1 $5 all 10 $35
These are small pocket sized protection bags that can be kept in your purse or bag and used at any time.
Each bag includes a 3 inch Black Candle and a 3 inch White Candle and a 1 inch Clear Quartz. All are infused with Reiki and protected with sage.

Chakra Balancing Candle Set with Affirmation Card – 1 for $10 15 for $125

Grab a Chakra Balancing Set and balance your chakras wherever you are. The set includes 7 3 inch candles that are anointed with Frankincense. These are great for altars or for travel.

Various Pendent Sets with Candle, Rose buds and Affirmation Cards- $15
Beautiful Gift Sets or Perfect For You. Each bag has a different affirmation card, matching 3 inch candle and various pendants. Only 1 of each pendant.. Dagger, Pegasus, key, Aladdin’s Lamp, Crystal balls, Book of Adventures, and a Castle. Also includes a Root Chakra and Third Eye Chakra Necklace.
Call to see what is available.

Charka Bottles Set $20

This beautiful set of chakra bottles are approximately 1.5 inches and includes the following set of crystals – See picture for Crystal Details

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