Private Health and Wellness and Weight Loss Coaching $30-$50

At this time, all sessions are on Zoom until May 2021 due to Covid
We offer private health and wellness coaching as well as specific weight loss coaching that helps you gain a balanced life. This is a holistic program where we work with you to balance your mind, body, and soul.

We help you with the following:
1. Evaluating where you currently are in your life and where you need balance in your life.
2. Assist you in setting goals and providing resources to help you obtain these goals.
3. Create a healthy behaviors including eating and being mindful in your actions.
4. Help you develop better relationships in your life.
5. Develop a physical fitness and food plan that will work FOR you.
6. Assist with career, educational, and /or spiritual goals.
7. Plus goals specific for you.

This may be narrowed to a topic that you wish to work on such as weight loss, meditation and stress, relationship repair, career coaching, educational coaching, spiritual coaching and more.

The consultation is FREE. After this 30 minute sessions are $30 and 60 minute sessions are $50.
Most clients find that 10 sessions are what is best for them. If you book and pay for all 10 sessions at once then you will receive 10% off the total session cost.

Please RSVP by Text to 859-437-0082 or via Facebook here


By attending any in person or virtual class, workshop, or event provided by A New You Self Care, Inner Bliss or Midnight Musings, that you are aware that the services offered both virtually and in person does not substitute for medical, psychological, or legal services and that you should consult the appropriate professional before beginning any of these classes and services. These services may include but are not limited to yoga, Pilates, meditation, weight lifting, personal training services, health, wellness and weigh loss coaching, and spiritual counseling , reiki sessions, Thai yoga, as well as any classes not listed here and various workshops offered daily.

Regarding physical activity. By attending any in person or virtual class, workshop, or event , you state that you are not pregnant and that you have consulted a doctor before during any exercises. You understand that if at anytime that you feel uncomfortable doing any activity or service or class that you will let the teacher know and you will rest or quit the activity. You are to honor yourself every day.

Regarding in person services or classes. It is understood that applied consent for touching is involved in these services. This will of course be appropriate and at any time whether beginning, middle, or the end you may state that you wish not to be touched or assisted and the teacher will stop immediately. At the beginning of most classes you are given a card that to indicate touch and that may be flipped at any time during any class or session. Again, know that it is your body, and we will honor you.

By ordering anything from this website, watching any YouTube videos, or participating in any class, workshop, or service that you are are releasing any responsibility to A New You Self Care, Inner Bliss Spiritual Center, Midnight Musings, it’s owner, and anyone affiliated with it for any injuries or property damage that may occur while at their in-person events or online events, classes or services..

Virtual Services – I am releasing any responsibility to A New You Self Care, Inner Bliss, Midnight Musings, it’s owner, and anyone affiliated with it when you participate in virtual services or classes.

Spiritual Coaching- please note that spiritual coaching may be provided using tarot cards or other divinatory tools. Please know in Kentucky and Tennessee that we must state that this is for entertainment purposes only and that we do not give medical, legal, or psychiatric services. And that we are not responsible for any choices that you make based upon these sessions. You are solely responsible for your choices. We do not hex, curse, or anything negative. We are only here to help you find the advice that you seek.

Virtual, Online, and In Person Class registration is nonrefundable. The student understand that we will be filming these classes and that they have no reason to expect privacy. They are also aware that they have 1 year to complete the virtual classes from date of enrollment and at that time the class may be closed for future access.

Please note that if you have scheduled a virtual or telephone session that you are stating that you are aware of these policies.

By attending any virtual or in person event, session, class or workshop you hold no responsibility against Inner Bliss, Midnight Musings, A New You, it’s owner and anyone affiliated with them and agree to the above.

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