Printable Workbooks and Worksheets

Here are multiple printable workbooks and worksheets of various topics. I will email them to you within a few hours of payment.

The 8 Step Process for Manifesting Goals and Inner Potential is a 22 page workbook that walks you through 8 basic steps. We all have an inherent need to grow, evolve, and manifest ever greater realities. This is basic to our happiness and feelings of self-acceptance and self-contentment. Happiness can be created in two ways:

1. By manifesting what we want, creating the reality we desire.
2. By learning to be happy with what we have with our present reality.

We effectively manifest our goals with these 8 steps provided in this workbook. If you would like to work these goals into your life them please purchase the workbook below.

The 8 Step Process for Manifesting Goals and Inner Potential

You will receive the 22 page PDF within a few hours of purchase


Tarot Keyword Worksheets 8 worksheets that explain the keywords associated with the Major and Minor Arcana. 8 sheets for $2. Purchase below and I will email the PDF to you. The picture only shows some of the keywords. The worksheets ARE filled with information.


Tarot Keyword Worksheets

Trot worksheet PDF


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