Reiki Journal This Reiki Journal focuses on the 5 Reiki Principles as the prompts for each day. It allows the writer to choose from one of five for the writer’s intention for the day. It also provides an area where Reiki students can jot down notes about the most important points of their lessons and readings.ThisContinue reading “Reiki Journal”

A Beginner’s Tarot Journal A Beginner’s Tarot Journal contains journal pages for the beginner tarot reader to record their daily card. There is a section to discuss the detail of the card, the symbols that the card holds, and the feeling that the card imparts on the beginning reader. There is a section for the evening reflection asContinue reading “A Beginner’s Tarot Journal”

Benefits of the Carbohydrate Counting Diet

The carbohydrate counting diet groups foods into three main groups:  carbohydrates,  proteins, and fats.  You dietician will provide you with the number of carbohydrates you can have in a day and how that is divided up amongst your meals and snacks.  Your dietician will also educate you on how you can determine the numbers ofContinue reading “Benefits of the Carbohydrate Counting Diet”