Creating Your Special Getaway

Why Do You need Solitude? According to the Meno Clinic, invading someone’s personal space causes stress and anxiety. We are not okay with strangers being in our space. It causes us to feel awkward and uncomfortable. Usually we feel better with family being in our space; but what about family members always being in ourContinue reading “Creating Your Special Getaway”

Meeting Your Angels

Angels are in every culture in various forms and many today state that they believe in angels. The practice of communicating with angels have increased over the last decade and may be seen in the various meditations, Reiki session, Intuitive Readings and more show this. There are 14 main Archangels as well as the otherContinue reading “Meeting Your Angels”

15 Minute Morning Yoga that You Can Do in Bed

Do you feel tired in the morning or am not really a morning person, well I created a short 15 minute video about yoga that can be done while still lying in bed. It’s great to begin that day on a positive note.It’s not perfect but neither is life and neither is yoga.. but it’sContinue reading “15 Minute Morning Yoga that You Can Do in Bed”

Six Traits of the Frugal Shopper

A frugal shopper has skills that help him or her gain benefit of the money-saving opportunities in life. Below I have listed several traits found in frugal shoppers.  By incorporating these into your life, you too can become a frugal shopper. 1. A frugal shopper studies other people. There are probably people near you livingContinue reading “Six Traits of the Frugal Shopper”

Frugal Gifts for the Housekeeper

A frugal gift is measured first by its usefulness. With that in mind, the frugal mind that is, the gift serves two practical purposes; it is useful and saves money. Most frugal women will Below I will explore a couple of ideas for thoughtful, practical-and yes, frugal-gifts. Fill a sturdy laundry basket with one orContinue reading “Frugal Gifts for the Housekeeper”