BG- WC Community Ed Classes

In Person and on Zoom Simultaneously All classes are at 6pm CT and are only $10.                                           Register here

June 15 – What are the Chakras, how can I Balance them Through Crystals, Foods, Meditations, and More on Zoom and In Person

In this class, we will be doing a brief introduction of the chakras, what they are, and how they affect our health. We will also discuss how we can use crystals and food to help balance the chakras and we will end with a chakra balancing meditation. Bring a journal and any crystals or tools that you like to use with your chakras.

July 20- Introduction to Tarot Cards on Zoom and In Person

Bring a deck of tarot cards and learn how to begin reading tarot for yourself intuitively. We will be learning how to pick a deck, clear decks, connect to your deck, do a 1 card and 3 cards reading and journal with cards each day to help with guidance and self-care.  

August 24 How to Scry using Candles, Crystal Ball, or Mirrors on Zoom and In Person

Bring a candle, crystal ball or mirror and learn how to use either of these for scrying into the future. We will discuss the history of scrying as well as ancient techniques that were used to see into the future. Please bring a candle, crystal ball, or mirror as well as a journal to take notes.

September 14 What are Angel Realms and Which Realm am I in? on Zoom and In Person

In my studies with Doreen Virtue, I became an Angel Realm Reader. This means that I can see what spiritual being such as angel, wise one, star seed, has touched you, your family DNA, or have been a part of your past life. I will discuss some of the blends of the three and lead you through a short meditation to help you invite the connection between the 2. Personal, private sessions may be scheduled later.

October 12 History and Art of Tea Leaf Reading on Zoom and In Person

In this class, I will be sharing the history of tea leaf reading that has been passed down to me. We will practice reading your cup and seeing what the leaves are telling us about your future. Bring a teacup, lose leaves, and a journal to jot down what you see.

November 9 How to use a Pendulum Alone and With Other Tools on Zoom and In Person

Bring your pendulum, pendulum mat, papers, pens, or anything else that you would like to use with your pendulum. Pendulums are great for changing energy in a room or situation, balancing chakras, answering yes or no questions, and bring clarification to tarot cards. This is a simple way to find guidance daily.

December 7 Showing Gratitude and Manifesting What you Want in 2022 with Your Own Vision Board on Zoom and In Person

Bring a poster board, markers, scissors, glue/tape, and magazines to cut up and create your own Vision Board and create the 2022 that you want.

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