Chakras In The Human Body

Chakra is actually the Sanskrit word that would mean wheel. The human body includes seven important chakras and also many minor chakras. These 7 chakras start from the bottom of the backbone and finish on the top of the head. Basically, those chakras possess the wheel of continuous revolving and rotating energy. The root (1stContinue reading “Chakras In The Human Body”

What Makes You Feel Loved?

What things that others do for you make you feel loved? Do you like to have people give you special gifts, or to send you cards and messages that assure you that you are loved and appreciated. Maybe you are the type of person who appreciates a hug as a way of feeling loved, orContinue reading “What Makes You Feel Loved?”

Black Friday Specials

This year’s Black Friday Specials include Gift Certificates, Class, Readings, and Reiki Session Discounts. Class Discounts All 2022 Classes for 1 low price of $650. It includes the following Monthly Book Club Free x 10 meetings = 0 Quarterly Reiki Share Classes Free X 3 Meetings = 0 Quarterly Tarot Share Classes Free X 3Continue reading “Black Friday Specials”

Free Angel Meditation Journal Pages

Join me for the October Angel Guided Meditation this Wednesday at 7:30pm on Zoom for FREE. Please share this with friends and ask them to join us this Wednesday. Here is the Registration link If you sign up you will receive this great Year Long Angel Guided Journal Pages that you can use forContinue reading “Free Angel Meditation Journal Pages”

A New You Self Care Podcast #2 How to Create Your Own Self Care Ritual

In this podcast, we will be discussing how to create your own self care ritual by listening to your body and mind. We may begin with 5 minutes of just lying in bed or get up and run. It doesn’t matter as this is self care. Stop in for 15 minutes and listed to howContinue reading “A New You Self Care Podcast #2 How to Create Your Own Self Care Ritual”