Manifesting Your Divine Soul Purpose

The new times that are arriving on the Earth will require a new kind of human being to navigate through the stormy waters of present day challenges and to create new solutions based on the spiritual principles of harmony, balance, and respect for life. At this time on the Earth, many souls are awakening spiritually,Continue reading “Manifesting Your Divine Soul Purpose”

How To Manifest Your Dreams And Desires

What are your dreams? Are you in a place in your life where part of it feels limiting or exhausting? If so, it is the time for you to begin manifesting your dreams and desires. First of all, you must remember that Miracles do happen and that it is time to reach for the top.Continue reading “How To Manifest Your Dreams And Desires”

A Short Background Of Magick

Many systems have been developed over the ages to help us control our thoughts. A great amount of dogma has also been kicked around in an attempt to make us into better people. Magick (the occult kind, spelled with a ‘k’) is one of the oldest and most general of these systems. Magick is theContinue reading “A Short Background Of Magick”

The Connection Between Meditation And Karma

Karma lives with us, Karma is part of our lives from the very moment of our birth to the moment of our death. Every time that we do something and every time that we stop doing something, that generates Karma, and you cannot avoid it in any way. Of course, not all the Karma thatContinue reading “The Connection Between Meditation And Karma”

Methods Of Karmic Pattern Clearing

What is karmic pattern clearing? Karmic pattern clearing is the cleansing of ingrained habitual responses that dictate the way we react to certain situations. This article is about my understanding of karmic pattern clearing. From what I know of, there are many tools and methods of clearing. The one that I am describing here isContinue reading “Methods Of Karmic Pattern Clearing”