June’s Events

June’s Zoom Events at A New You

The Last Chakra Workshop June 1 at 6:00pm – $10 .
Join me the for the last chakra workshop on June 1 at 6:00pm CT. The workshop will include altars to honor that month’s chakra, mudras, mantras, flowers, essential oils, food, affirmations, journaling prompts, and other things to help you balance that month’s chakra as well as meditations and yoga poses that will help balance the chakras. You can attend whatever classes you wish and only pay $10 per class. You will receive the following additional items — an online classroom with all the articles, meditations, activities, recorded classes, etc. to access for life. Register here https://yourcosmicconnections.as.me/chakraworkshop

Third Wednesday of EVERY month at 7:00 pm is An Angel Guided Meditation for FREE sponsored by Cosmic Connections. Each month, we will spend the first 20 minutes learning about different aspects of a particular Archangel and then I will take you on a 30-minute guided meditation to meet that archangel. We will then spend the rest of the time journaling, sharing experiences, and answering any questions that may arise. I will be giving away a free angel reading, and Cosmic Connections will be giving away a small angel as well. I will be beaming Angel Reiki to you as you meditate. Please register here – https://YourCosmicConnections.as.me/AngelMeditation

Every Thursday at 6:00 pm is Weekly Self Care- $10 we meet and discuss out goals of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual, do a lesson and an activity. It’s great for those that need a tribe to interact with and check in with. Register here https://yourcosmicconnections.as.me/SelfCareMeetUpGroup

Tarot Share is every First Sunday at 7:00 pm. FREE Come learn about tarot and maybe get a free reading from a student. Register here – https://yourcosmicconnections.as.me/tarotshare

Reiki Share is every Third Sunday at 7:00pm. FREE Come learn more about Reiki and receive Reiki healing while here. Register here https://yourcosmicconnections.as.me/Reikishare

What is Reiki and How Can it Help Me Heal Myself- June 27:30pm CT – 9:00pm CT – $10
In this class we will be learn about the Japanese Relaxation Energy Modality. We will learn how the first certification teaches you how to heal yourself. You will be guided through a Reiki meditation with Reiki beings sent to you distantly.
Registration is here https://YourCosmicConnections.as.me/WhatisReikiandHowCanitHelpMeHealMyself

Published by Bertena Varney

I am the owner of A New You Self Care Center.

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