Next Week’s Events

Here are this week’s events at A New You Self Care and Cosmic Connections Virtual Events.

Yoga and Meditation
Every Monday at 6:00 pm is Chair Yoga for $10. This class is great for anyone who prefers to use a chair for yoga or is at work and needs a break. I modify for inflexibility, injuries, and chronic pain. Register here

Wednesday at 6:00 pm is Restorative Yoga for $10. This class is a great way to undo those knots and pained muscles from the week and lower your cortisol levels and help you lose weight. Register here

Today Tarot Share at 7:00 pm. FREE Come learn about tarot and practice your skills. Register here

Tuesday at 6:00pm Chakra Workshop – $10 Register here

Every Thursday at 6:00 pm is Self-Care Meet Up Group- $10 we meet and discuss out goals of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual self-care, do a lesson and an activity. It is great for those that need a tribe to interact with and check in with. Register here

Upcoming Workshops

April 7 at 7:30 Introduction to Angel Realms – What Realm may you be a Part of? $10 – In this class, we will learn what Angel Realms are and how each of these may have a personal and spiritual connection to you. We will examine each realm and discuss the characteristics of each. The belief is that you or your past self may have been gifted abilities from either angel, fairies, wise ones, star people, and more. Register here

April 13 at 6pm Types of Meditation at Community Ed. $10. Register here

Third Wednesday of EVERY month at 7:00 pm is Meeting Your Angel Guided Meditation for FREE sponsored by Cosmic Connections. I will guide you to a place to meet your guardian angels. Please register here

Message me if you have any questions….. Bertena

Published by Bertena Varney

I am the owner of A New You Self Care Center.

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