Online Certification Courses

Online Certification Courses have become so popular that I have decided to begin moving as many of my in person classes to online classes. I have taught college for almost 15 years and find that online can be as interactive as an in person class but that is up to the teacher. Each class is work at your own pace and you will have access to all material for one year after the date of purchase. No refunds. Refreshers are 25% of original cost.

Each of my online classes provide an online classroom platform with articles, video lectures, and assignments. I always offer the class as a Zoom room throughout the year and record those classes and make them available to you in the online classroom environment.

When Covid lessens, I will be holding these in person as well as online and will incorporate full day retreats where we can all get together and discuss topics and practice with each other. Until then I provide Facebook groups and messenger groups to help keep everyone in touch with what’s going on as well as interact with each other.

The class also allows students to discuss each unit in detail with each other. We also hold virtual Reiki shares and discussions each month. I provide the safe environment for interaction but it is up to the students to interact.

When you complete each class then you will receive an electronic Certificate of Completion appropriate to the class.

You must RSVP to register and pay for the classes to receive the Zoom room and Password.
Please RSVP by Text to 859-437-0082 or via Facebook here

Here are a few of the classes that are being offered and then others that are to come.

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