Igniting an Old Hobby or Passion

Why Ignite that Old Hobby or Passion?

  1. Brings you happiness
  2. Reduces stress
  3. Meditative State
  4. Control Your Thoughts- helps with depression and anxiety
  5. Sense of Achievement
  6. Connect with People of Similar interests

What Types of Hobbies or Passions Do you Miss?

  1. Art – painting, drawing, sculpture
  2. Writing
  3. Playing music
  4. Working Out
  5. Hiking, Canoeing, camping
  6. Photography
  7. Collecting Items
  8. Attending Conventions
  9. Home Projects and repairs
  10. Making crafts, scrapbooking
  11. Gardening
  12. Reading
  13. Visit Museum
  14. Travel
  15. Learn something new

How to Ignite that Old Hobby or Passion?

  1. Make a list of hobbies or passions that made you happy. Choose one to focus on.
  2. Ask yourself why you stopped it in the first place? Is this still an issue?
  3. Think about how to make this hobby a reality and make a plan to make it real. What do you need to buy? Is time involved? Schedule it into your day.
  4. Explore a few options, and see if you can breathe new life or perspective into your ideas.
  5. Talk to family and friends. Ask them to keep you motivated.
  6. Be consistent. Work on it on a regular basis.
  7. Manage your time to make sure that you make time for it.
  8. Find others with a similar interest and spend time with them: exchange ideas and hold each other accountable.
  9. Volunteer to teach it to others to keep the passion going.
  10. Enter a contest to help with deadlines and ignite the passion again.

Published by Bertena Varney

I am the owner of A New You Self Care Center.

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