The Benefits of Journaling

Who Can Journal?

  • Anyone who wants to focus on aspects of their life from emotions to goals.
  • Women, men, children.
  • Anyone who wants to focus on internal or external goals.
  • People who want to record memories or experiences.

Journal Prompt #1 Describe yourself and why you want to journal or why you came to this class.

The Benefits of Journaling

  1. Manage anxiety and help reduce stress as well as help with depression and PTSD.
  2. It helps you prioritize things in your life such as your goals, fears, concerns.
  3. It helps you look at how you see things and complete self-talk and analysis of your actions and words. It helps your self being.
  4. It stimulates creativity and helps you find your voice.
  5. It improves your memory in everyone- students, working and older people.
  6. Scientific Studies show that it helps strengthen the immune system, drop blood pressure, and help you sleep better too.
  7. Helps you keep track of goals- food, workout weight loss, career, school etc.
  8. It teaches you about your triggers and how to handle them.
  9. It helps you stay focused and not procrastinate on projects.
  10. If you are writing with gratitude, then it shows you what the bright side of life.

Journal Prompt #2 – Write about what benefits you may get from journaling

How to Journal

  1. Find the right journal for you. There are many types and we will talk about this next.
  2. Find a quiet place to journal free from distractions and interruptions.
  3. Chose the time of day- morning or evening or both? How often do you want to journal?
  4. Write when you want to reset your day or when you are out of your regular routine.
  5. Set how long you want to journal – 5 minutes or an hour.
  6. Find a style of writing that you like – bullets, formal, conversational. There is no wrong or right way. IT can change all the time. It can be anything that you wish.
  7. Give yourself some time to think during and after. Do not rush.
  8. Journal about what you want to. Simply think about what comes to mind. Be honest with yourself.
  9. Do something creative and change the style up each time.
  10. Keep the journal private. Use it how you chose.

Journal Prompt #3- How will your journaling time look like? What will be easy and what will be a challenge?

Types of Journals

  1. Nature Journals- keeping track of things that they see in nature and researching more about them.
  2. Feelings Journal – write about your feelings that you feel right now
  3. Gratitude Journal – what are you grateful for? Do this in the morning to set your day or evening to help reflect on things that you may see a different way.
  4. Reading Journal – what are you reading? Reflect on it?
  5. Bullet Journal – to do list, random ideas, lists of items. This can include taking notes and jotting down thoughts, short term and long-term goals, food, exercise, and more
  6. Travel and Vacation Journal – these can be pictures, postcards, experiences, and more
  7. Dream Journal – keep this next to your bed and write in it when you are woken from a dream
  8. Project Journal – keeping notes of a project that you are working on the plans, the experience, and the outcomes.
  9. Journalistic Journal- Write about what you see happening around you. You this time to really observe and see what we miss daily when rushing
  10. Specific Topic – write about anything that you wish
  11. Spiritual Journal – write about your spiritual readings, experiences, etc.
  12. Personal Journal – use this like a diary.
  13. Meditation Journal – use this after your meditation to write your experiences
  14. Daily Planning Journal – this is great for planning your day
  15. Workout Journals- keep your workout routine and notes in one place. Take it to the gym with you and use to to see progress
  16. Weight loss or Gain Journal- Keep track or food, recipes, nutrition
  17. Memoir Journal – begin writing from as far back as you can remember and go up to present-day
  18. Pandemic journal – write your experiences about the pandemic.
  19. Create Your Own Story – You are the hero. Create a fiction/nonfiction fusion story to deal with issues and things in the real world.

Journal Apps

Keep your info

Journal Prompt #4- What type or types of journaling do you want to do?

Things to add to Journaling to help Promote Better Health

  1. Relax and meditate each day.
  2. Eat a healthy, balanced diet.
  3. Exercise regularly—get in some activity every day.
  4. Treat yourself to plenty of sleep each night.
  5. Use your journal to make sure you follow these guidelines daily.

Journal Prompts

  1. What do you see, hear and smell around you? Write or draw it
    1. Make a to do list and prioritize it
    1. What do you feel right now?
    1. Let us do a guided meditation. What did you see?

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