Free Angel Meditation Journal Pages

Join me for the October Angel Guided Meditation this Wednesday at 7:30pm on Zoom for FREE.

Please share this with friends and ask them to join us this Wednesday.

Here is the Registration link

If you sign up you will receive this great Year Long Angel Guided Journal Pages that you can use for this class as well as for the next year.

Visit my website as well to download a free copy

A New You Self Care Podcast #2 How to Create Your Own Self Care Ritual

In this podcast, we will be discussing how to create your own self care ritual by listening to your body and mind. We may begin with 5 minutes of just lying in bed or get up and run. It doesn’t matter as this is self care. Stop in for 15 minutes and listed to how long a self care ritual should be- I Will bet that you are surprised! What it can be and how you let the energy around you choose what you wish to do each day. And let me know what your self care ritual is by emailing me at and sharing your rituals.
Listen here

90 Day Printable Planner

90 Day Printable Planner for $3

Receive PDF via email upon payment

You will receive in the PDF.
– 2 Pages of The 90 Day Overview 1 with Personal, Career, and Health Goals and the other page left for you to fill in
– Action Step Checklist- Goal Tracker Sheet
– Appointment Scheduler
– Daily to Do’s
– Weekly To Do’s
– 3 Months Calendars (90 Days)
– Reflection of the 90 Days
– Pages for Notes.

You can print this as many times as you want. This is perfect to help you get started on a routine.
Purchase here

Reiki Classes Coming Soom

I am excited to offer Reiki Certification Classes in my home again. Each class, date, and price are listed below. I must have TWO people in person for each class in order to hold the class.

Location: Online, On Zoom AND at A New You Self Care Center in my home in Bowling Green, KY. Seats are limited to the in-person event. First to pay and ask to reserve get the limited spots. Please message me no matter if you think I would know, or you have “mentioned” it.

Registration Reiki 1, 2 and 3 Certification classes

Reiki 1 $150 July 17 10:00am- 2:00pm – Learn the history of Reiki, how to selfheal and how to begin helping others.

Reiki 2 $150 August 21 10:00am- 2:00pm – Learn how to treat others in a professional setting, and begin learning about Distant Reiki, Reiki boxes and more. Must be able to present a Reiki 1 Certificate to register.

Reiki 3 Master and Teacher $300 September 25 10:00am- 2:00pm – Learn how to connect your spiritual self to reiki and pass this gift to your students. Must be able to present a Reiki 2 Certificate to participate.

Spiritual Reiki – $75 September 25 2:30pm- 5:30 pm – Learn how to connect Reiki to your spiritual and divination gifts such as Tarot Cards, pendulums, crystals, essential oils and more. Must be able to present a Reiki 2 Certificate to participate. Registration for Spiritual Reiki

Angel Reiki – $75 October 9 10:00am – 2:00pm – Learn how to connect with the angels and use their in your Reiki Practice. Registration for Angel Reiki

  1. No refunds. If you can’t attend, then you will be able to attend the next class that is offered.
  2. Times are approximate based upon how many people show for the class.
  3. Limited people for in person class. So, you must pay and ask specifically for in person to reserve your space. If there are less than TWO people in the in person class, the class will be cancelled for in person.
  4. You will be provided with the required book information that needs to be purchased upon registration. These are also listed on the website above.
  5. You will receive the online class for FREE!
  6. Covid requirements will be based upon CDC guidelines at that time.

Email me at to reserve your in personspace.

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