21 Day Challenge starts January 1

Join me January 1 for a 21 Day Challenge. It will go from January 1 to January 22. You can download the PDF and print it out and do the listed meditation, affirmation, and then journal each day. No more than 10 minutes needed. Anyone can do this!

We will kick this off on Saturday at 9am during our Saturday Morning Motivation. The class is $5. This will be recorded and housed in the Daily Dose of Awesomeness Classroom.

We will be meeting every Saturday morning and catching up on where we are. This class also changes each week to help with meditation, motivation, journaling, affirmations, and yoga.

To do the 21 Day Challenge is Free. You do not have to attend any classes to join. Just reply here and I will send you the packet or you can Click here and print https://anewyouselfcarecom.files.wordpress.com/…/a-new…

We also have a Write Your 2022 Life Story on January 1 at pm. It’s FREE to attend. We will be discussing how to write your story and to claim 2022 as your year!

Then on Sunday we will have our first New Moon Goddess Circle at 8pm. The cost is $10 and you can register here bring a journal and be ready to begin to manifest and create with the moon.

Monday Chair Yoga at 6pm, Wednesday Restorative Yoga at 6pm for $5 each

You can find all my January classes as well as the Reiki Certification classes, Tarot Readings, and Reiki session below. Just click and scroll

Listen more about it here https://anchor.fm/bertena/episodes/21-Day-Challenge-Join-Now-e1c9m98

My Book Blog

If you like books check out my book blog. I host different authors as guest bloggers. I go through Bewitching Book Tours and see sends me everything I  need. I also get free books and you can do reviews and interviews with the authors.

Check out my blog and then her services.


2022 Month by Month Tarot Card Readings

I have a special going on until January 2 at 8pm. I am offering Month by Month Readings for 2022. 30 minutes is $50 and 1 hour is $100These readings are here to help you know how to plan for 2022 and what to expect for each month. It’s very detailed and great to help with New Year’s Resolutions

Book here. It’s the first 2 choices. The others are classes and services that I am offering in January 2022. Check those out too. https://calendly.com/bertenasclasses

5 steps to unblock your chakra

Chakra meditation involves focusing on the different energies that lie within our bodies. There are 7 known chakras, and they are known to be our energy vortexes; opening for life energy to flow into and out of our aura. These vortexes vitalise the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness. The reason why one needs to unblock their chakras is that a blocked or improperly aligned chakra will prevent your energies from flowing all throughout your body, causing disharmony and resulting in a very pessimistic or negative mood. In the process, you will regain a life balance which is critical to healing of both physical and mental. The steps involved to performing chakra meditation are simple and focus should be given to one chakra at one time. In general, 5 techniques to unblock chakras are:

Visualization Through Meditation

 A very effective technique, simple in execution where you will need to meditate and clear your mind, allowing you to focus on the chakra and visualize its associated color. You can then focus on the goal that you intend to achieve.

The Crystal Method

As the name suggests, this method requires the use of crystals, held directly on the chakra or right over the chakra for at least three minutes (but not longer than five).

Sound Therapy

Music bowls are used in this technique, which can be purchase at metaphysical stores along with a set of detailed instructions.

The Soothing Massage

 A full body massage is an effective way to unblock all 21 chakras in the human body. Besides that, it helps stimulate your vital systems and promote healing.

The Right Mix Of Exercise And Nutrition

Proper nutrition and sufficient exercise is needed to keep healthy and have a energized body, especially in your chakras and aura.

7 Benefits of Chakra Meditation

The practice of meditation aligns the seven major chakras (which correspond to the body’s major endocrine glands) with the power of the environment and the universe. It fairly simple to perform this meditation as long as one remembers to focus on one chakra at a time whilst having a clear mind.

Simply sit still with your spine upright and focus on the particular chakra while taking a deep slow breath. Start with focusing on the root chakra and working your way down slowly to the crown chakra.  Make sure you are in a comfortable position without any surrounding distractions. As you focus on each of the chakra’s see beams of light shooting out of you and entering the earth, the idea is to feel a sense of connection with everything around you. Spend about 3-5 minutes per chakra and do not take more than 30 minutes overall.

Although results are not achievable in a short time, 30 minutes of daily meditation will reap many benefits;  among them are as follow:

  1. A more positive outlook in terms of your thought processes and in your perception and understanding of events and behaviours.
  2. Increased concentration, awareness and memory.
  3. Heightened creativity, better resourcefulness because of better perception.
  4. Better and deeper sleep; they will awake more refreshed in the morning and overall health will also benefit by getting deeper sleep.
  5. Reduction of stress in all areas of your life because you will have better control over your emotions and better patience
  6. Improved  overall health and well-being. It helps to lower blood pressure which in turn can help prevent strokes and heart disease. It will also alleviate the stress effect on people suffering from chronic illnesses.
  7. A balanced and harmonious interdependent functions of the body’s major chakras with one another is obtained. With that, the whole body’s biological, emotional, and spiritual aspects become more nourished and balance the body cleansing physical, emotional and spiritual toxins.
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